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  • Mood: Adoration
  • Reading: anyone know something good?
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  • Playing: Portal2
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Soo...yeah, im home. 

Attention! This journual will be long and -maybe- bit boring, too. 
So, thanx if you read :)

My journual will be long cus, i will write down everything whats in my mind. I think i need to do this atm. 
And yeah, at the end i will be so emotional and soapy. Meh! But hey, at the end its will be good story, I promise! T_T
And, there is tooons of names in my journual without icon-tagging! Why? Cus If you read, not read because of your icon or friends it because you want. And, yeah, try not forget no one from my journual.
And I dont want to hurt nobody with 'not tagged'. Trust me, if you met up with me at a con; im so thanxfull to you, too, just not tagged or write your name directly.


Arrived 25th, 14:00, aka, 2pm. Thanx to my girlfriend! It was much faster and comfier, cus she take me home with car. Its should be longer if i came with public transport. :) 

Where should I start? Yeah, I guess start at the beggining. whole EF was really busy. Really-really busy. Ive never thought its can be this busy. 
Sadly, my EF started with clouds.
Who following me on twitter, sometimes get know of my life-things,, not posting only funny and cute things, but tweeting about dark side of my life,too. (And thats why my account is protected)
Before EF I was thinking not going at all there. Was pretty hard, cus;
Tried to find apartment with my partner, and all good apartment was too pricy or just 'gone' before we could pay for it...
Stressed because of University. New city, moving, still no apartment, how work with suit things, where, etc. Wasnt clear, and I tried to show Im calm, but this thing just drives me crazy.
One friend of my family committed a suicide...And I cant be on his funeral, cus I had to travelling to EF.
Stressed because of lots of work. Worked really hard on badges, suits and everything what was ordered before EF (I love work on art, cus its my passion, but sometimes when the deadlines coming, and i have other problems too in my life, like now, i can be really stressed and overthingking things, what not doing normally. Like now.)...
And at the end: my dad lost his job. 

What should I say? I felt like, collapse inside. Cannot thinking with positive mind at all. Just tried not thinking at all, so worked and worked. . . My partner was next to me, and tried cheer me up all the time. Im so glad to know her in my life as a partner.

So, I was pretty down. I guess, its understandable in this sytuation. Happily, Ive got costumers with lot patience. 
Thanx to Fluffy and Bronko to being patient before EF. They had to wait few days with WIP e-mails of their suits. They known whats up with me and at EF when they got their new suit by me, Ive got loooot chocklate and one new glue-gun, too cus my one just broke when worked on Bronkos head.
Was so honored. Would like to cry because of happiness. So, thanks again and again for you two. <3
And, when my friend Kealin tiger visited me at the DD, he asked whats up with me...I was so suprised, cus, I felt like he is caring of me, care of my whole life and when I tweet something silly, with my totally not good english ,someone is listening up and care of me. Thanx to you too. I will never forget that. I love you. <3
Thanx ALL of you, who stopped at my table and take one businesscard, or just give me a smile. One smile can be really helpfull, too. You cannot be how much. I cannot be enough thanksfull to give job to me at EF...Yeah, im workoholic. 
And thanx all of you, who just stop, and talk to me. I think, made few new friends there. :) 
And ofc, thanx for commissioners! Old and new ones. Thanx for wearing my stuffs, all of them! (tails, paws, badges, whatev!) Thanx for take my original arts, or get one original art in your conbook or something!
Thanx for all hugs and snuggling. Felt like so much ppl love me and not just me, what I do,too.
My work, art, etc. I still feell like yeah, im on a good way to be artist and be happy in my whole life and live from art and suiting and go to cons and be happy with friends. Lotsa friend! 
Thanx for draving in my conbook! 
And, of course, thanx all new faces around me. Like Tim or Sergey (lol), Zuzu, Jazz, Panda-man, all artists in artist lounge, thanx to Fleki to give me marshmallows (noms).
Ponda, Bonzu to suprise a guy in Estrel hotel, who working there with a cute badge, im so honored again! Thanx for inviting me the best roomparty ever. (I hope, nobody will forget that bathtub. Neither the EF security, haha!)
Lion, otter! You two, too. Like, wearing my old badges <3...I feell like Im not forget at all. 
Thanx everyone at the roomparty. I know I was silly, but everyone was so cute and friendly. Im glad Im not missed that Birthday party!
Thanx to Chibi for new finnish words (tits!), and lotsa hug. I allways love hug that guy. <3 Oh, and my donught is the best, just saying. :) You so rad. Im so happy to know you, and this free-donught thing is so rad. I was thinking to do thing like this,too. Like, sharing without wanting back. Its so cool.
Thanx to my brother Famai! <3 Thanx to Will to give a phone-charger. Oh, and ofc to Thabo to give his laminator to me - and ofc, for Nevermint, cus if he not retweeting my note with laminator, I will never met up with Thabo.
Egnur, Taiger, Tari! I hope I can visiting all of you again in next year, or meet up so soon at famai's place. 
Lone <3. One other hugable guy. Thanx for come with me and try out Nordguard card-game! Oh, and Roshy and Lainy was there too...they take me and my roommate to Estrel hotel. I was so happy. They are so smily and cute guys. Everyone should know them as a friend. 
Artee, Simba, TG for invitine me and smoke hookah together.I cannot dream best buds! Oh and ofc for Pinky, cus, she made epic job on one dino tail what I can wear now all the time. She is really good in this crafthing things. :)
I missed Yamavu and Lurie from this convention...but hey, at least I met up with them at Zodiacon, its something. 

So...I cannot be enough thanxfull to everyone (!), who just give a hug or a smile. 
Every small or big thing means pretty much. Help lot on my mood, and happily I can see the bright side of a life again, and can hold my chin up with positive thinkings. 

Oh, and hey, tomorrow go and -hope so- will get our apartment with my girlfrend. (and still Im awake, but I should sleep a bit, because I want to be with her and stay awake in a car, not sleeping next to her :P

Oh,and, my dad were at job interview while I was at EF.

So...yeah...after rain sun goes out, right? 

Next year meet there again. :) <3


Artist | Professional | Varied

...and wellcome to my gallery.:)

I'm Grion /Gr-ee-oh-n/.
Im female, chubby, tomboy folf who lives in EU. My "fursona" is me, not just one random character.
I like and enjoy drawing (digital and traditional pictures too) and make fursuits for furs!
I like find new friends, travelling, be with my love, cooking, positive thinkings, reading, blablabla....Im friendly so dont afraid of me! :)
IRL I am theatrical scenery and costume designer. Now learning graphic in my home town. I want to be tattoo artist n piercinger.

Oh..And watch my scraps: for fursuit photoshots and moar arts! :) I use that too ;)


:iconladykleur: :iconandrewpor: :iconreshiramblack2: :iconinvaderchia: :iconrogueatsketches:


Your* ... that's a *facepalm* moment
Wed Dec 18, 2013, 1:51 PM
You talent amazes me
Wed Dec 18, 2013, 1:51 PM
Tue Dec 3, 2013, 2:26 PM
Thu Nov 14, 2013, 6:42 PM
i love your suits!
Wed Nov 6, 2013, 10:24 PM
Thu Jul 11, 2013, 4:51 PM


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h0p3bomb Featured By Owner May 26, 2014
How much would a full suite cost?
TheMysteriousNeon Featured By Owner May 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
how would it be for you to fur a feet paw base,a head and add eyes and jaw-set 
Grion Featured By Owner May 18, 2014  Professional General Artist
not finishing up others work. (bases)
TheMysteriousNeon Featured By Owner May 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
no how much! XD

here i'll say it again

how MUCH would it be for you to fur a feet paw base,a head and add eyes and jaw-set
Grion Featured By Owner May 19, 2014  Professional General Artist
sorry...still dont do ONLY bases, just FINISHED products (no only foam stuffs, sorry) :) 
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SasoriMidoriyama Featured By Owner May 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Whats the base price on a suit commision?
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SasoriMidoriyama Featured By Owner May 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
ok, thanks ^w^
Sentinentcodex Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
can I add you to my watch?
Grion Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014  Professional General Artist
lol! dont ask just do it <3 
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