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pheonixdragon000 by Noben
by Noben

I really like this crazy face expression! The characters line is a bit sketchy somewhere (tail, handpaws) but its looking good in this ...

by Noben

I think the vision is good. All like to see a sexy girl's sexy back - more would like to, if kinky like this dragon lady. The plus "fra...

Plagued City by MonsterBrand

I love this photo-set with this character. Because he/she became an own, real character behind the mask. This picture looks like a cut ...

Korra by Epistafy

I just love this picture of Korra. Its totally looks like one shot of the film! (Shadings and style but easly can see its an art, not a...



Eurofurence21 door sign by Grion
Eurofurence21 door sign
If you see this picture on a door at Estrel hotel it means me and my wife own this room! HURR HUR

Finished our doorsign!

Its me and  in busytown style. :P 
So cute and friendly, isnt it? 

Yay for EF!
Furry Road by Grion
Furry Road
[wroom wroom]

My biggest project nowadays. D:

This picture will be at Eurofurence 21 artshow as limited A3 print.
I do want to make ONLY ONE print of this!
Other's who is on a picture got only a4 sized picture for print, but not for sale only use, print out for themself.

Im a fan of a new Mad Max movie. Seen it in cinema with my girlfriend and at the end i already known i will do a huge picture with furries and cars in desert.

My plan was draw me, my partner :iconfonya: and :iconflyqueen: on a picture for sure.
Why? Its simple. My girlfriend wad with me, and I know Rotarr do love this movie how I do. So my plan was suprise her with this art of her fly fursona. :) Plan long time to do something for her, but allways drop out my sketches and ideas. I feel myself like, Im lame if i do gift arts. D:
SO i hope its not bad at all, and she like it because it was so much fun to do.

The others won these spots on ych auction.
(Right to left:
:mbladeicon: bid for his mate, :axanisicon: and epic neon-lion :Nox_The_Starburst_Lionicon:.


Im open for commissions!
But will start them after EF.
Or find me at the dealers den!

ALL characters belongs to the own creator. :)

Party dog by Grion
Party dog
Travelling mug commission for   wuffen <3

he is a reaal party-dawg! 8D YOO
Got this mug at EF21. :3 

*open for commissions*
Langos tesak by Grion
Langos tesak
random, 15 mins, sketchy comics.

Its me and  :iconzerda-fox:

Its started loong ago....
Draw Foley fatty, asked why?
Just replied : LÁNGOS (not sure if you know whats that food, but its awesome).
I just said: eat it looong ago...aaand got awesome gift art back.
Draw back for her.
And now, got a link with this shirt on it. :D 
I replied Im too fat for that shirt, and got back soooo sad gif with massage "I thought we can be lángos-bros"... D: 

OMG JUST DONT CRY T___T we can beee.


I know its so messy and maybe you will dont understand D: SORRY
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Hello all!

I'm off to Cesfur with my wife fonyaa  fonyaa! :)
Im so excited because Cesfur7 was my first convention few years ago and since that, i wasnt attend this convention. 
I hope I will meet with old friends and new ones. Dont afraid of me, Im not bite! :D 
Will come back at Jul.2th because after the convention will visit my brother vanillatiger  vanillatigerin Germany! 

After that date I will be back and will finish up commissions and can pre-order arts/badges/mugs for EF. :) 
Also open for fursuit commissions/qoutes, but its will not be ready untill EF, only after.

Fast updates and list of commissions: 
Dave,Foxiee - harness, payed
Tari - 75%, payed
Sid - head [EF pickup] - not started yet, half payed
Noroth - head [EF pickup] - not started yet, half payed
Zanzibar - head -not started yet, not payed
Roshy - EF doorsign - sketched, payed.


Artist | Professional | Varied

...and wellcome to my gallery.:)

I'm Grion /Gr-ee-oh-n/.
Im female, chubby, tomboy folf who lives in EU. My "fursona" is me, not just one random character.
I like and enjoy drawing (digital and traditional pictures too) and make fursuits for furs!
I like find new friends, travelling, be with my love, cooking, positive thinkings, reading, blablabla....Im friendly so dont afraid of me! :)
IRL I am theatrical scenery and costume designer. Now learning graphic in my home town. I want to be tattoo artist n piercinger.

Oh..And watch my scraps: for fursuit photoshots and moar arts! :) I use that too ;)

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ass-hail Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Hello there!
I have a quick question for you
I'm a beginner fursuit maker and I ran into a problem with my head.
Here's a pic: Emma's fursuit head by Galaxy-Burrito
you can clearly see were you have the different sections of fabric.
How can I fix this?
Grion Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2015  Professional General Artist


Well... few things: 
-never use small piece of fabrick. NEVER. Its not good.
-use big fabrick pieces.
-use reference pictures.
-allways look hows the fur is going. ->fur direction is important when you furring a head. Just see a dog for example...the fur is going point-to-point.
-use references, again.

- not gluing on a fur.
-sewing before gluing. Its hard and need years to do it great, but its will worth with time, be patient with yourself 
luna-howltothemoon Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014  Student Photographer
Do you do fursuit commissions? If so where might I find your prices? X3
h0p3bomb Featured By Owner May 26, 2014
How much would a full suite cost?
TheMysteriousNeon Featured By Owner May 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
how would it be for you to fur a feet paw base,a head and add eyes and jaw-set 
Grion Featured By Owner May 18, 2014  Professional General Artist
not finishing up others work. (bases)
TheMysteriousNeon Featured By Owner May 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
no how much! XD

here i'll say it again

how MUCH would it be for you to fur a feet paw base,a head and add eyes and jaw-set
Grion Featured By Owner May 19, 2014  Professional General Artist
sorry...still dont do ONLY bases, just FINISHED products (no only foam stuffs, sorry) :) 
(1 Reply)
SasoriMidoriyama Featured By Owner May 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Whats the base price on a suit commision?
Hidden by Owner
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